Starting Lower Body Weight Lifting

Hello! Welcome back to Pro Fitness Is Life and I am glad to have you. We will now begin with the basics of lower body fitness with regards to weight lifting.  These are easy to get a handle on and anyone can do it. For beginners worried about getting injured, you may want to do body-weight calf raises and squats. These will tone your calves and quads and your gluteus. You can add weight to both of them by either using a leg press machine to do weighted calf raises and using squatting with a bar on your back (only do if you know what you are doing or if you have a trainer or a spotter) Another great alternative to squatting with a bar is to use free weights. Grab whatever weight you feel comfortable with and set up with a bench. Hold the weights parallel to the ground and swing your wrist upside down onto your shoulders and keep your elbow pointed out. You now stand up and sit down and that is one repetition. You can make it more difficult by standing up with only ONE leg. Have fun with these new exercises and next time I will go through basic upper body weight lifting exercises.  Until next time,

-Pro Fitness Is Life

CHALLENGE! I want you all to try one of these lower body exercises. If you are short on time, just do some calf raises and body weight squats! Never skip leg day!


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