Dumbell Curls and Bench Press Lifting

Hello! Welcome back to Pro Fitness Is Life and I am glad to have you. We will now begin with the basics of lower body fitness with regards to weight lifting.  These are easy to get a handle on and anyone can do it.  To begin with, the most popular of the following is the dumbbell curl. These are the ones you always see people do and there are MANY different exercises that can utilize these. I will only bring to light the basic two, normal curls and hammer curls. Normals curls are the basic wrist rotation curls you see people do. Hammer curls are the same thing except without and wrist rotation, just up and down movement. The next most popular upper body exercise is the bench press. This should be done with a spotter or a trainer if you can get a hold of one. For this exercise, you need either a bar with weights or some free weights. With the bar, you just start at a full extension on a bench lying down and press until your arms are fully extended and then come back down. That is one repetition. To do it with free weights do the same thing but beware it is MUCH harder to do with free weights and it is good to switch up your routine sometimes by using free weights equivalents.  Until next time,

-Pro Fitness Is Life

CHALLENGE! I want you all to try one of these upper body exercises but be careful!


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